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Daily recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah strengthens faith — Cleric

Daily recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah strengthens faith — Cleric—Sheikh Kabiru Umar-Wasagu, a member of Da’awah Committee, Kebbi Pilgrims Welfare Board, says a Muslim recites Fatiha 17 times daily  in his five obligatory prayer.

The daily recitation of Fatiha is targeted towards strengthening the faith of believers.

Sheikh Kabiru Umar-Wasagu, who is also the Deputy Imam of Central Mosque, Birnin Kebbi, stated this in Makkah during a morning enlightenment programme for the pilgrims on Wednesday.

The News Agency of Nigeria NAN) reports that the enlightenment was meant to further strengthen the faith of believers especially after performing one of the five pillars of Islam, Hajj.

The cleric said: “A Muslim recites Fatiha everyday two times in Subh prayer, four times in Zuhur prayer, four times in Asr, three times in Magrib then four times in Isha’i prayer.

“Fatiha is the first chapter (Sura) a new convert learns to recite, because of its importance.

”You cannot pray without reciting Fatihatul Kitaba. Fatiha is very important and that’s why it’s called with different names to signify its importance.”

Umar-Wasagu enumerated some of the names of Fatiha to include; Ummul Qur’an the mother of the Glorious Quran, Fatihatul Kitab, Arruqya and Saba’al Mathani among others.

He noted that Allah (SWT) said: “Indeed, We have revealed the holy Qur’an and we are the ones to protect it.

”The Fatiha we recite everyday is very important, it glorifies God Almighty, it amplifies Him, and gives Him all His necessary due and it has seven verses.”

On why Fatiha is called Ummul Qur’an, the cleric said: “Because it comprises three major attributes of Allah (SWT); Rububiyya, Qulihiyya and Assama’u Wassifat.

“All these are attributes of Almighty Allah which cover all aspects of Allah’s worship. Glorifying Allah (SWT) in His oneness, seeking His help and assistance alone in all aspects of human life as well as glorifying His names and attributes.”

The cleric stressed that Allah (SWT) has 99 names, advising that Muslims should try to know them and their meanings, so as to supplicate to Him (Almighty) using those names.

He said the chapter was divided into two parts, glorification of Allah (SWT) as well as supplication to Allah.



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