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Interest groups have warned the incumbent Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa to stay clear from substituting names of winners in the recent primary elections in Lagos State with the names of his cronies as candidates. The groups vowed to mobilise Lagosians for justice to reign if the alleged plans by the Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker sails through.

To this end, a Lagos based civil rights movement and democracy watch collaborated with another group known as ‘Progressive Lagos for Justice and Fair Play’ to outrightly condemn in strongest terms the alleged post election activities of the Speaker, Rt Hon. Obasa

The Group has threaten to expose the Speaker to the leadership of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Lagos state, the state Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Governor’s Adversary Council, and all party stakeholders on the plan by the Speaker of the Lagos state House of Assembly to substitute names for already acclaimed winners in the just concluded Party Congresses as candidates for the State Assembly election coming up next year.

In another joint press statements signed by Wasiu Adebanjo and Comrade Kunle Fadipe and Latifat Odumosu which red in part, “We wish to appeal to every Progress Lagosians, Democrats and to all it may concern to urgently rescue the democratic process in Lagos state Assembly from the activities of the incumbent Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Obasa against changing the names of successful winners announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

The group wondered why the Speaker who is lawyer and a law makers should throw caution to the wind and subvert the will of the masses as exercised through the recent party Congress two weeks ago where some of the candidates that emerged victoriously and being secretly changed to favour about 7 of his cronies against the names of those who have been duly declared winners in the Congress.

It will be in the interest of justice and fair play that Rt. Hon Obasa respect the rights of the Lagosians and their rule of engagement. If the All Progressive Congress Party at the national level can respect the process leading to a widely acknowledged credible election for it’s Presidential candidate through the emergence of His Excellency Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Lagos state Assembly should be allowed by Hon Obasa to run on its own and allow the status quo to suffice.

Hon Obasa should not make himself the poster boy that personifies a greedy and selfish democrat having been in power getting to 3 decades and now exercising such power on fraudulent partway to reward loyalists and destroy excellence with mediocrity.

Rt Hon Obasa is no doubt making a mockery of our electoral process here in a state know for excellence, thereby becoming a complicit in an effort to foist deception to the public with defies honesty, transparency and good faith.

A person with principle and conviction will not be a party to such an unethical arrangement. If he does, it demonstrates his low regard of the people and he should not enjoy their trust.

He has not shown any different from a nuisance candidate who is devoid of any intention to serve our people but to commit an undue advantage over, or wreck the chances of, political opponents.

“It’s high time to review the law or regulation allowing substitution of candidates except those in cases of death or disqualification; otherwise, there will be no honesty and fair play in our elections.

“It is making a mockery of the Lagos APC Congresses and knowingly becoming complicit in an effort to foist fake and perpetrate deception to the public which will never stand no matter his efforts.

“It is disheartening that such action which defy transparency and good faith will come from the Speaker one of the biggest beneficiary of democracy and a that is supposed radiate good principle of rule of engagement at all times against such unethical arrangement.

“We as a group will mobilize Lagosians against this thrust, which questions the rights of the people of Lagos State and brought it under attack”, the group said.

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Hajj 2023: 13 Nigerians died in Saudi Arabia – NAHCON



Hajj 2023

Hajj 2023: 13 Nigerians died in Saudi ArabiaNAHCON—At least 13 out of 95,000 Nigerians died during the 2023 Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) while revealing this, announced that it recorded seven death pre-Arafah and another six in Arafah.

In his presentation at the post-Arafah meeting in Makkah, on Sunday, NAHCON Head National Medical Team (NMT), Dr. Usman Galadima, revealed that four died at Arafah while another two died at Mina, bringing the number of deaths that recorded among the Nigerian pilgrims since the commencement of Hajj to 13.

According to Dr. Galadima, there were two reported cases of deliveries of term pregnancies, and three reported cases of Chickenpox.

He said, “Some of the challenges faced in Mina include increased pressure on the ambulance services, increase congestion in Mina, and poor sanitization”.

Dr. Galadima said of the 25,722 patients attended to, 15,268 are female, while the remaining 10,454 are male.

According to the report by NAHCON NMT, Kaduna and Osun States lost two pilgrims each, Plateau, Borno, Yobe, FCT, Benue, and Lagos lost one pilgrim each, while tour operators lost three pilgrims.

In a related development, NAHCON Head of Aviation, Engr Goni Sanda, has announced that the return inaugural flight is scheduled to depart the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Nigeria on Tuesday July 4, 2023.

According to the NAHCON Head of Aviation, the pilgrims and even officials will be treated on the “first come, first to depart system”.

“By our calculation, most officials will spend nothing more than 45 days in Saudi Arabia to ensure smooth return of Nigerians home,” he added.

According to him, the return flight operation will last between July 4 to August 3, 2023, assuring that “94, 987 will be returned home safely”.

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Who’s Afraid Of General Buratai?—-By Biodun Adeniyi



Who's Afraid Of General Buratai

Who’s Afraid Of General Buratai?—-By Biodun Adeniyi—Nigerian political landscape is full of intrigues and brinkmanship. It’s full of the proverbial ‘banana peel’ and ‘pull him down syndrome’ which has become the trademark of some political jobbers, always seeing their mischief as a political tool of blackmail.

Even long after his retirement from the Army where he distinguished himself and ambassadorial position by his commander in chief, President Muhammadu Buhari, the mischief makers will not allowed General Tukur Buratai rest.

His towering image and support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has become a nightmare of sort for those who were not ready to stick out their neck when it mattered most. It’s therefore, not surprising that he has become a FACTOR and reccuring decimal in Nigerian political landscape.

The recent cowardly attack through an online portal to reopen an issue that has nothing to do with his persona is a pointer to how far his traducers will go to create confusion and shouted wolf where none exist. What’s at stake? Who is afraid of General Tukur Buratai? Why has he suddenly become the issue again? Who’s threatened that he may be assigned a higher responsibility in the new government. These posers and many more have become necessary since those who are afraid of his towering image has become implacable and will do anything to create a false impression about him.

One fact that has continued to stare the group of these political hecklers in the face is that General Tukur Yussuf Buratai is an open book. He has been examined times without number without blemish, either in or out of the military. It’s therefore baffling that those who cannot fault his credentials as soldiers soldier, has latched on to a fail rehash by serial blackmailer, whose stock in trade is the unnecessary hysteria about the soaring image of Buratai. It is an open secret that some disgruntled politicians have besieged the media looking for hack writers to hoodwink with their old fairy tales. And unfortunately, the whole lies collapsed like a tissue of lies since truth is constant. Buratai’s adept philosophy, qui sera sera, comes handy here; it does not really matter how many pebbles are hurled at him as history beckons. According to the popular saying, it’s only tree with nourished fruits that had to contend with forecious attack of those who wants to partake from its richness. General Buratai is adequately prepared for the onerous task ahead; he will not be cowed nor stampeded by those afraid of their own shadows.

Biodun Adeniyi sent this piece from Lagos

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